2016 - The year of claims in preparation

Just in 2016, in 6 months a total of 984 companies have started to prepare for joint action in Italy, Spain and in Sardinia:

150 firms from two Northern Italian provinces

100 local drivers with 500 trucks

54 companies  (Rimini) with 180 trucks

20 transport companies – from the province of Lucca

150 companies – from the province of Modena

100 hauliers - from the province of Pavia

160 firms with 600 trucks – from the province of Forli Cesana

500  companies with 900 Vehicles – from Spain

100 firms – from Sardinia

However, the first damage claim in Germany have taken place in January 2017, Stuttgart Regional Court. According to a German newspaper: the damages pursued before the Stuttgart court vary in size between EUR 6,000 and EUR 3 million. MAN declined to comment on the pending court procedures, the article added.

Organizations in Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, and Ireland have said they intend to file damages claims in their respective jurisdictions.