BGL – collective claim in Germany in 2017

The claims relate to price-fixing agreements between truck makers Daimler, Volvo/Renault, Iveco, and DAF, who have been found guilty by the European Commission and fined at a record total EUR 2.9 billion. MAN- being the whistle-blower – has also been involved in the collision - got away without a fine, but has been also found guilty.

By July 2017 1,300 hauliers have so far registered with the claim formed by the trade body, over loss covering 40,000 trucks. The total damages could reach an estimated EUR 1 billion.

Because of the costs and risks of such a collective claim, BGL encouraged victims with losses covering at least 1,500 vehicles in the relevant period to sign up for the suit as it required experts to deal with it.

Not much earlier of BGL collective steps, German rail giant Deutsche Bahn was reported to initiate a multi-million euro damages claim over the cartel. Many other hauliers’ association started signing up claimants, and a similar campaign has been kick-started by a fruit transporters’ body.