Big and Small, unite them all – claim damages together

Deutsche Bahn – German railway operator -  has decided not just to claim damages on their own behalf, but to take businesses under their wing and join claims to increase the chances of winning – according to German news.

All of the joining haulier companies have suffered serious financial damages following the price coordinating acts of the Truck Cartel through its 14-years of operation. The European Commission has fined and revealed the Cartel in 2016. The fine was a record of EUR 2.9 billion. MAN – the so-called whistleblower – has escaped the fine of EUR 1.2 billion, but was still found guilty. The proceedings against the last member – Scania – is still ongoing.

Deutsche Bahn has planned to represent 30 of the most significant companies. They have received several inquiries from other companies expressing their will to join. Deutsche Bahn purpose is to set up a ‘premium model’ which they would represent with a fine selection of the claims. An unnamed spokesperson from Daimler said, that Deutsche Bahn is carefully examining all compensation claims although the European Commission did not establish any findings related to damages as of August 2017. It has also been mentioned that Daimler will defend itself against any unreasonable claims.

Deutsche Bahn has reverted back to the EC investigation in their response and highlighted to facts of the Cartel Members Executives’ regular meetings and whether those wouldn’t have been for financial advantages.