Collective Damage Claims

Following the decision of the European Commission, a total EUR 2.92 billion penalty had to be paid. All involved were fined – except for MAN, who was the whistle-blower. Soon after the fines towards the European Commission, further amounts were to be paid, but this time to those businesses who have suffered the most through the cartel years.

The damage, the Cartel has caused to buyers was big and starting from 2016 the buyers had their opportunity to initiate damage claims. Buyers and legal experts had a better chance in joint claims but could not start their process up until the full statement of the European Commission was issued.  By 2016 five truck makers have settled the probe, but the standard procedure with Scania – the last producer - was still going on. Claimants had no other choice than wait, gather and grow stronger.

The scale of damages incurred could exceed EUR 100 billion, based on the 10 million trucks the cartelists sold during the 14 years and experts calculated with a EUR 10,500 overcharge per truck.