Numbers of claimants - more than expected

Italy, Germany, Austria, and many more countries – the number of potential claimants are still unforeseen.

An Italian transport association has been seeking a total of EUR 250 million damage claim on behalf of 2902 claimants following an EU truck cartel, with a regional office of the association leading the claim.

The Studio Legale Scoccini sent the notice following EC officials' publishment of the non-confidential version of the infringement decision. According to the release, the truck makers have 30 days to engage in a settlement procedure after receiving the notice.

Meanwhile, in Germany, around 20 claims from cities and municipalities have been filed at the Stuttgart Regional Court.

The German Fruit Traders’ Association (DFHV), which in January 2016 encouraged its members to sign up to a joint damages action, has also created a ‘victim group’ for handling claims, together with an association of drinks manufacturers and another association of the deep refrigeration logistics sector.

A further collection of claims were on their way - about 200 requests from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland of potential cartel victims. Expert reports were necessary for the claims - finished analyses to determine the level of damage. But the only thing all claimants were assured of – the right to claim.