Price Fixing and coordinating the launch of new technologies – at what cost?

MAN – the so-called whistleblower of the Truck Cartel – has ended the 14 years of the Cartel. The investigation has revealed, the manipulation of the prices was not the only unfair action of the Cartel.

Changes in truck emissions have made noticeably huge progress since 2011. In the 21st Century, to protect and preserve the environment is more important than ever. All participants in the transportation industry were striving for launching new technologies.

Through the cartel years, the members of the Truck Cartel agreed on what an importance it had to introduce the new technologies at an agreed date and they have made their deal to postpone new designs at certain times. They have coordinated the timing and prices of new technologies to cut nitrogen oxide emissions. 

At what cost did they all end up by their actions of manipulating prices and delaying new technologies?

MAN - no penalty (100% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Volvo/Renault - EUR 670,448,000 (40% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Daimler - EUR 1,008,766,000 (30% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Iveco - EUR 494,606,000 (10% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

DAF - EUR 752,679,000 (10% settlement discount)

Total - EUR 2,926,499,000