RHA to be appointed as class representative in the UK

RHA attended a hearing at the Tribunal, where RHA, UKTC and the truck manufacturers have presented their respective positions about the funding parts of the applications. RHA to be appointed as class representative on behalf of truck operators must be agreed by all. This includes examining the details of the funding arrangements and to be assured that RHA would act in the best interest of truck operators.

Dealing with some aspects of the RHA’s application was postponed by the Competition Appeal Tribunal in May 2019 due to another unrelated proposed collective claim. The hearing of the parties’ arguments is planned to take place between the 13th and 20th of December, 2019 if no further delay will occur. The funding arrangements have lifted some eyebrows at the Tribunal, but they have had very few questions for the RHA – the decision was to be made within the coming months.

RHA is confident in pursuing the claim and in the prospects of success. The collective claim in the meantime continues to grow and soon to become the largest group claim against the Truck Cartel in Europe. Time is key, they will push to have the claim dealt with and decided the soonest possible.