Scania – a Cartel Member who is yet to give in

Scania AB is a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications. Today, Scania has production facilities in Sweden, France, Netherlands, India, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Russia. Besides, there are assembly plants in ten countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Scania's sales and service organization and finance companies are worldwide. In 2012, the company employed approximately 42,100 people around the world.

Scania spokesperson Karin Hallstan has confirmed in September 2017 that the company had “just received” information relating to the decision and “will need some time to go through it in its entirety”.

She has added, “If no significant new information has emerged in the investigation by the EU Commission, we are planning to prepare to appeal against the EU Commission’s decision on the same grounds as before.”.

She noted the grounds of appeal would be that “Scania has not on any level or in any context entered into an agreement with other manufacturers about pricing,” and that it “has also not delayed the introduction of new engines compliant with EU legislation for exhaust emissions.”

According to Scania “It should also be noted that Scania has fully cooperated with the European Commission during the entire investigation,” the statement added. Scania "strongly contests all the findings and allegations" and will challenge the Brussels agency's decision "in its entirety".

EC Fines in detail:

MAN - no penalty (100% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Volvo/Renault - EUR 670,448,000 (40% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Daimler - EUR 1,008,766,000 (30% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

Iveco - EUR 494,606,000 (10% leniency discount, 10% settlement discount)

DAF - EUR 752,679,000 (10% settlement discount)

Scania – EUR 880,523,000