The impact on employees of the Truck Cartel Members

The acts of the Cartel Members – MAN, DAF, Volvo/Renault, Iveco, Daimler, and Scania – starting from 1997 – have had manipulated the prices of the market. Company executives and Sales Managers met regularly to exchange factory list prices. According to their opinion it did not affect the sales prices. As a result of the investigation, the European Commission has confirmed – the market prices have been manipulated.

Apart from the damages the buyers of the trucks have suffered, employees of MAN, DAF, Volvo/Renault, Iveco, Daimler, and Scania have felt in on their skin too. The decision of the Executives have been out of the hands of line employees but as collateral damage, they had to suffer some consequences.

Cartel Members had taken appropriate measures if their employees' compliance with the law. They have strengthened their internal controls and has intensified the regular and comprehensive employee training about antitrust law. As a result, apart from the highest ever fine in the EU’s history, Cartel Members had faced further spending on their employees' training and their employees had ended up with stricter expectations without an actual benefit on their paycheck.