The Truck Cartel is out in public

Following MAN's leniency application the EC investigation has started and soon. In 2014 Sweden – based Volvo has confirmed, they have received the statement of objections from the European Commission. In simple, they have been suspected - along with Daimler, DAF, Scania, and CNH Industrial.

Not all members of the truck cartel have seen an opportunity of a way out of the truck cartel. But Volvo did at such an early stage and have confirmed to set aside significant funds (EUR 400 million) to prepare for a possible fine. And that was it, the antitrust law of the EU has been compromised and breached.

DAF, Daimler, Iveco, Scania, Volvo/Renault and MAN – they hold a market share close to 100% with no significant American or Asian competitor in Europe – the Financial Times reported.